International Session 2010 on

Nanomaterials: fabrication, characterisation and applications









The group of Research Centre for Microsystems and Nanotechnology, KTU



Lecturer: Prof. Valentinas Snitka Coordinator of EU FP7 NANOMAT project 


Lecturer: Prof. Mervyn J. Miles University of Bristol


Lecturer: Prof.  Harri Lipsanen Aalto University, Finland


Lecturer: Prof. Carles Cane National Microelectronics Center, Barselona


Lecturer: Prof.  Suresh Valiyaveettil National University, Singapore


Lecturer: Research Scientist Kęstutis Grigoras Aalto university, Finland


Lecturer: Senior Lecturer Massimo Antognozzi University of Bristol


Lecturer: PhD student Gianmario Scotti  Aalto University, Finland


Lecturer: PhD student Miloš Netopilik Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry,Czech


Lecturer: Associate Professor Anna Biedunkiewicz Institute of Materials Science and
Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland


Lecturer: dr. Ramūnas Valiokas Functional Nanomaterials Deparment, Institute of
Physics, Lithuania


International session on Nanomaterial


International session on Nanomaterial


International session on Nanomaterial


Poster session


Poster session