International Session on

Nanomaterials: fabrication, characterisation and applications

In conjunction with Baltic Polymer Symposium 8-11 September 2010, Palanga, Lithuania

Organizing committee:

Valentinas Snitka, General Chairman
Vida Mizariene
Ingrida Bruzaite

A forum for applications in scanning probe microscopy and related technologies in nanomaterials research.

1st session (workshop) on Nanomaterials is organised by European Commission 7th Framework project NANOMAT and will run in conjunction with Baltic Polymer Symposium 2010. The interdisciplinary session (workshop) will focus on advances in the fields of:

- Scanning Probe Microscopies and other Nanoscale Characterisation Methods;
- Confocal Microscopy;
- Raman Microscopy;
- Self-assembling and Biomimetic Nanomaterials;
- Synthesis and Fabrication on the Nanoscale;
- New and Emerging Applications of Nanomaterials and Devices.

The session will take place in Palanga, 9-10 September and will share a venue with Baltic Polymer Symposium. List of invited speakers will be made available here shortly. Submit an abstract and register for the session: